Hey all...I am WAY new, but very excited (and stuck to it for a few months now) Would this be a decent starting (or better) amp? Is anyone familiar with it? I am getting a good deal on it (barely used)

Thanks all, Will
yes...its a very good amp...

and this would be a really really good starter amp....the lead guitarist for my band has an older model, and it keeps up with the other guitarist's 120 watt easily...so you could gig with it too!

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i'm personally not a fan but this, or the new Vypyr might work for you.

also look at the Crate V18s ($149) and V33 ($249) as they are on sale big time.

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I own it and it depends on the price you're paying for it. The newer model is not worth it IMO you could do better for $300 but if you're getting a used one for like $200- totally worth it. Great distortion and very glassy/warm cleans. Loud as hell and good breakup none of the clippy sh*t.
I've got the transtube 110 and it's pretty decent for SS. Very loud for a 40 watter.
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