If you could send any solo musician or band back in time to the 70's, 60's, 50's, whatever, because you think their style could influence popular music in a positive way, who would it be?

Oh yeah, you can send yourself if you want
Claudio Sanchez in The Beatles = LOVE!
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touche sir.
Lets send the jonas brothers back out of spite.
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Pete wentz to pink floyd. AWESOMENESS ENSUES!

Or axl rose into led zeppelin. Can't get much worse.
I would send Yngwie Malmsteen back to the baroque era, so he would be lynched for his awful "classical" music.
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pete wentz doesnt deserve to be in pink floyd....

You don't deserve to refer to Pete Wentz by his name. He's "Emperor and Lord Highness" to you, knave.

I think we should send Joe Satriani back to the 50's. Just for ****s and giggles.
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I'd send the loud, obnoxious club rap/hip hop stars back to the Jurassic era.

Cause... they could influence dinosaurs... And stuff...
I would send zakk wylde back about 500,000,000 years so a T. Rex can eat him and I can finally get rid of his raping of crazy train from my head, or my self back to the early 1980's so I could meat randy rhodes and see him and ozzy in concert
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I'd send Steve Vai back to before there was electric guitar for teh lulz. But seriously, there isn't much sending back the uber shredders would do. If someone has the diligence to learn technical ability, they will. I personally think Matt Bellamy back in time would change music forever. Muse isn't really any difinitive genre, but the sound great. If it were a genre, and it was popular culture, I just might click off from my classic rock radio station every once and a while.
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u got me

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I'd send the loud, obnoxious club rap/hip hop stars back to the Jurassic era.

Cause... they could influence dinosaurs... And stuff...

Jurassic 5?
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I'd send myself back to take credit for all those kickass songs, you know the ones...

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billy corgan to sing in the beatles

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I'd make Matt Bellamy go back in time and join Radiohead before Thom Yorke did so Thom would go on to join Muse and be accused of copying Bellamy. Then we'll see how much Pitchfork thinks 'Muse sound more and more like Radiohead with each release'.
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Lets send the jonas brothers back out of spite.
Only to the Ice Age. I think they would be a great influence to a wooly mammoth. Lets send Miley Cyris back with them.
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I would send Cobain to bubonic plague era Europe and hope the black death kills him before he becomes a minstrel.
Eric Clapton back to the 60's. Grrr.
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John Frusciante to the 60's to play with Hendrix
grok it.


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John Frusciante to the 60's to play with Hendrix

I'd send mayer back to the 60's to show up Frusciante.

(In all honesty I have no idea who's the better guitarist, I'm just partial to Mayer)
I'd send Casey Crecenzo from The Dear Hunter/The Receiving End Of Sirens back in time. I don't care when, as long as he can play his own gear. Then music would finally be good.