Hey everyone! I need ppl to post every kind of weird pedal there is and possibly tell me the model and make. Im talkin like flangers, phasers, wammies, everything that will make my guitar sound as cool as can be! look at tom morrello. thanks.
Line 6 Verbzilla on the Octo Setting is pretty strange
a rare pedal i so badly want called the ampeg scrambler

Gibson Buckethead Les Paul & Peter Frampton Les Paul
Dean Razorback Slime Bumblebee
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
EHX Memory Man/Hazarai
Digitch Whammy
Sovtek Straight 4x12
Herdim Picks
Laney Linebacker 50 Reverb
MXR Phase 90
You don't realy need every sort of wierd pedal....alot of em will be basicly useless to you unless you serioulsy own at guitar.

My suggestion for a decent pedal board:

Some sort of:
Chorus or Delay
Volume and tuner if you gig
maybe a flanger...just cuase I like flanging
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Boss EQ pedal
Fuzz Factory
Original Digitech whammy
Phase 90/other flanger pedal
Tubescreamer/other OD
Dunlop Crybaby wah

I'd say delay in combination with the digitech whammy and fuzz factory will get you some of the trippiest sounds you could ever imagine.