So I was hoping someone could help me out as to what part of my wah pedal is not working. It's a dunlop model GCB-95 crybaby. It worked fine for the year or so since I bought it up until about a month or two ago. At first it started to not uh... wah... I could move the pedal up and down and it just had the same sound coming from it... like it was on and just in the middle position. I gave up on it and tried to dig some stuff up in the wah thread, but mind you it's a lot of pages to look at. I plugged it in today and no sound goes through it.

I do not use battery power, I plug it in, the power works fine because it powers my other pedals-- and it worked with the pedal for a year straight before.

I'd rather try and fix it, than buy a whole new pedal. I plan on doing some mods to it later on, so that would defeat the purpose, if it is fixable of course.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.
perhaps the attachment between the pedal and the pot that controls the wah became disconnected, and eventually a connection broke inside?

just an idea to start...

Any start is a good start! Any idea on how I can test things out? After opening it up again, but keep in mind I know nothing about electronics really, the black uh..thingy labeled Q3 looks kinda bent... maybe that kicked out? I never noticed it looking like that before...
bump... but I'm assuming there's not much I can do about this...

So anybody got some reasonably priced wah suggestions?
If you're into modding pedals you might consider just a normal Dunlop Crybaby. They don't sound too hot out of the box but with some tweaks here and there you can actually make them sound pretty decent. Plus they're not that complex of pedals so they would be good for a beginner. There are sooo many pages of wah mod threads out there, 99% of them Crybaby "compatible".
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I give up.

^ well see that's the thing, I have one now, it just kinda stopped working. I think rather than going out to buy the same pedal, I'd rather just try and fix whatever is wrong with it. I've checked over tall the wires, nothing is disconnected, and they all look like good soldering jobs, not that out of the factory it should have been a bad one.

Is there one piece on the board that could be the cause, or would it be a few things that could cause no sound?