is there such a thing?

and if there is no such thing, do you guise think whammy would play with my bass? i love the whammy pedal sounds but i never used it. i'm thinking of buying one for my bass.
there is, but its very very rare... its blue btw
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They are actually discontinued, in fact they have been for quite a while if I am not mistaken... Try ebay but be prepared to fork out some cash
There is such a thing if you have $800 to spend on a pedal. You CAN use a regular whammy, but chances are you'll lose some bass. I totally thing Digitech should reissue it. Someone around here has a link to the petition.
Yah they are expensive when you find them on ebay. If you use a regular guitar whammy i don't think there is much if any lose of lows. When i used it the main problem was that it couldn't track anything on my E string and it had a lot of trouble on the A.
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There's a great, if not BETTER alternative to the Digitech Bass Whammy. It's called the EHX HOG (Harmonic Octave Generator).

The downside? It, with the expression pedal, will probably run you about $600. So it's either pay a stupid amount for the Digitech, or pay an insane amount for the modern alternative.

Let's not forget - the 'whammy' aspect, the dive bombing, is all but irrelevant. It's not the pitch shifting. It's the harmonizing. It's the ability to make entire chords out of one note.
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Pedals don't exist for "guitar" or "bass"

Plugging a bass into a Boss DS-1 will not make the pedal explode. It might not sound good, but it WILL work.

There are lots of pedals that doesn't matter if it's for guitar or bass.

If you buy something stamped as a "bass compressor" or a "bass phaser" you're a moron. Some effects are completely fine with guitar or bass. HOG/POG is one of them.

I have a micro POG and it works amazingly for +1 and -1 octave tracking. It adds real thickness to your sound, and tracks chords perfectly.
this one exists for guitar or bass, my friend. it depends for the frequencies you're playing in, believe me, i use a guitar wah with bass and i can hear its not that perfect.
The Digitech Whammy IV does not track bass notes properly. Unless you feed it a very hot signal, it will not register low notes at all. Even then, it gets very glitchy.

The POG and HOG are fully compatible with both though.
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