I'm looking for an amp that can cater to my 2 favorite tones, an overdriven plexi/jtm (think aerosmith, ac/dc, cream, black sabbath, randy rhoads, michael schenker) and a distorted jcm 800 (think jake e lee, scorpions, bon jovi)

i already have a boost and an mxr distortion +

is there any amp that would be able to handle this?

my budget would problably be around $800 but if i can justify to my parents to spend more i might be able to get up to $1000 and i'm willing to buy used

i can go head and cab or combo and if I got a head I could probably spend the full amount on it and then get a cab later (obviously I wouldn’t play it until then, but I can wait)

i'd need to jamming with a drummer and another guitarist but it needs to be quiet enough to play in a house setting so not more than 30 watts (my parents are pretty tollerant) but i could buy an attenuator if i had to

thanks for the help
Ceriatone 18 watt TMB? Will probably run about $800 after shipping. Then save up later for...


and a pair of Ted Weber's pre-rola g12m clones.

It will sound godly.

The problem with getting a 50 watt plexi is that you'd eventually need to spend another $600 on a decent 4x12, and another $300 on an attenuator.
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Well i just looked up a video on youtube and it can handle high gain marshall sound with that mod well

the only problem is it's $950 with shipping and i don't know how much that mod will cost

thanks for the help though, if i can buy it it seems like the right amp

^lol that's the same video i looked up