Whats everybodys opinion on the sound and tone diffrence between Fender P and J basses?
It depends of the amp.
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It totally depends on the amp but I would say a Jazz is a little more versatile. If I had to buy would I would take the P though because I just think they look better.
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If it's just P pickups and just J pickups, the P bass uses the side by side pickups and the J bass uses single coil Jazz pickups. I think i like the J bass more, very versatile and feels nice, but thats just preference. I think the P bass is good if you play punk and rock stuff but im not totally sure.
Jazz = more versatile, smaller neck

Precision = Bigger neck, more punchier feel (great for punk)
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well, the jazz looks cooler to me, so i play jazz, but if i saw a free-low priced p bass, id keep it
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jazz, though a precision might fit a little better with what I do, I prefer the sound.
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I am best a "newb" when it comes to the bass, but I played both, and I really prefer the jazz.

The jazz bass seems more versatile because of it's direct, distinctive tone. You always hear it, but it sounds a little "classier" I guess. The P bass tends to blend more into the background, as a traditional "bass" sound, IE what you categorize as a "bass sound", the sterotypical thick bass tone.

I prefer the jazz neck. As a beginnier, the thing neck is making swiching from guitar (except for acoustic guitars at house parties!) to bass easy. The P neck felt intimidating to me, though I think I could grow to like it equally. The jazz is much better for the little few slap lines I know due to the great pickup spacing.

And what REALLY sells the jazz to me, is maybe a simple thing:

A place to rest my thumb comfortably, and NATURALLY. I find digging in, and moreso just always bracing off the top of the neck pickup comes so naturally to me. The instruments feel while sitting down is interesting too, with the offset body altering it's dynamics.

Conclusion: I prefer the Jazz, but I understand why someone would prefer the precision. The good news is that Leo Fender designed both and they are literally THE STANDARD when it comes to basses.
Ive prefer the jazz. Precision always sounds too muddy or bassy for me. Sadly, I own a P-bass and a PJ-bass.
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I like jazz basses, they grrrrrrrrrrrrowl.
Plus the body is slightly better balanced IMO.
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Jazz = more versatile, smaller neck

Precision = Bigger neck, more punchier feel (great for punk)

That's how I view it. I love the Jazz because it's versatile and feels great, but the P is great for punk and metal and the likes.. in my opinion anyways. Both have their pros and cons, it's all up to you though, you should go to a local store and mess around with both and different amps and see which sound and feel you like more, and you know, you can always try our a P&J combo. Everybody has different tastes so you can never completely rely on random answers on here, but yeah, I personally prefer Jazz basses.
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I just don't like the Split Coil Pickup lol!

I'm thinking about a 50's "Tele" precision Bass, just for a nice chunky percusive sound with i play hard with my fingers

which I can get on a Jazz bass.

The neck is the biggest thing about the Basses, I Have huge hands, but I prefer the smaller neck
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I like the jazzes personally. to me they sound fuller than P basses.
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