so i got my wisdom teeth pulled today, and when they were done my mouth was numb, no surprise right. but its been almost 10 hours and my bottom lip and chin are still numb, so is this normal? usually if i have a cavity and they need to do a filling its numb for like a hour maybe an hour and a half but pulling my wisdom teeth was a little more of an ordeal so im not sure. so pit goers how long were you numb after getting your teeth pulled?
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You have aids.

EDIT: I was only numb for about 3 or 4 hours. I don't know if that's normal.
Yeah, its normal.

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I was woozy the first day I got em off, took a while for the gas to wear off. But that's the easy part, it sucks when you lose numbness. Take some pics tomorrow and the next day I wanna see those chipmunk cheeks!!
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You're lucky yours stayed numb for that long.

It took 3 hours after I woke up to get my prescription for painkillers and that was no fun.
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lol I got mine out yesterday the numbness lasted until I fell asleep, today is day 2, I am really fine, everyone reacts differently when they get them pulled, I am like fine I just have a little soarness on my cheeks. Some people I know could'nt talk for like 2 weeks
Ugh. thanks for reminding me...get mine out tuesday.
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I was woozy the first day I got em off, took a while for the gas to wear off. But that's the easy part, it sucks when you lose numbness. Take some pics tomorrow and the next day I wanna see those chipmunk cheeks!!

^This is the truth. It will suck once the numbness wears off. you'll wish for several days to be able to be not feel your face. also post those chipmunk cheek pics.
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would you like to feel the pain?

if not, be happy your mouth is numb.
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Ah, the wisdom teeth.

Have fun with the huge holes left. They'll be open for a while, so watch out for any pedo/paedophiles that come a knockin'. Plus you'll have to eat in a wayward fashion for ages.

It's just such a magical time.
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Ten hours seems a bit long.

If it lasts until tomorrow, contact the surgeon's office.

It was weird, cause one side of my face was experiencing pain while the other didn't for another couple of hours (total of six after the operation).
It is totally normal. You don't realize how much they drug you down.
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You do realize thats the second bloodiest surgery besides heart surgery right???

They give you the best numbing drugs ever!!! and they last 10-16 hours
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well the reason i asked was also because it was just numb in the front of my face, nowhere near my wisdom teeth (or where they used to be for that matter)
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I was numb all day until I went to sleep. But I don't know if that's normal because they gave me so much stuff that I literally passed out in the parking lot of the dentist office.
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Brilliant observation.

Its wasnt the pulled teeth that gave me pain but the numerous shots that left massive bruises that gave me hell... Gotta have 3 more pulled. NOT looking forward to it
If your still numb a day later go to the surgeon they could have hit the nerve in that general area. Its rare, but some people can lose feeling in part of their face permanently.
i dont even remember, not that long though.

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My dad got his out 5 days ago and he can still only eat liquidy foods. Mashed potatoes, protein shakes, etc.
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I got my wisdom teeth pulled 2 weeks ago. My head was completely numb for probably 2 hours after surgery and was partially numb another 5 to 8 hours.

It hurt =[
the worst part though was not being able to eat for 3 days