I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but...
Ok, so I've been trying to teach myself the acoustic guitar for about a month now, and I have no idea what to learn. I already know the basic chords (C, D, Dm, G, F, A, Am, E, Em), power chords, and a bit of hammer ons, pull offs, and barre chords.
All help is appriciated.
EDIT: Also, am I a bit slow if I'm still playing most songs with power chords?
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I'm open to most types of music, so it's not a big problem. And at above, thanks, i'll check that out
Learn Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton.
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finger-picking comes in handy, try your hand at that

/bad pun

you know, what everyone on these forums stress: Theory, Scales, Opeth Songs...

god i hate opeth for some reason
Yea I've tried fingerpicking before...not really my kind of thing, I think I would prefer strumming. I searched for Tears in Heaven but it requires some fingerpicking...but thanks anyway.
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opeth songs.

Any particular songs of theirs in particular that are the easiest?
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death whispered a lullaby

Thanks, it looks pretty good, except there's some fingerpicking involved if I'm not mistaken...nonetheless, thanks