Poll: UG's Favorite Tuning
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60 49%
Drop D
14 11%
3 2%
Half-Step Down
13 11%
Full-Step Down
9 7%
Low A
1 1%
22 18%
Voters: 123.
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i lik standard and open d
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Standard and Open G
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standard.... because **** you
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BAGDAD....no I think that's someone's sig. I just play in 1/2 step down most of the time.
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D standard
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standard or half step down. or down a whole octave so it sounds like a bass if i'm bored
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standard cus i play alot of acoustic songs
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I'm the only person that voted DADGAD. I just love how tribal it can sound. But it's not as usable as many other tunings...
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Best tuning, ever

And my second favourite, the tuning from Mayonnaise by Smashing Pumpkins.

Eb Bb Bb Gb Bb d

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Standard simply because i'm incredibly lazy.
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C# standard + Drop B consequently
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standard or half step down. or down a whole octave so it sounds like a bass if i'm bored

haha if im bored ...
fck standard and drop d only... ive tuned mi guitars differently 2 time over the past... i unno bout more than 5 year... im jsut lazy like that...
Standard or any open tunings are cool.

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