what exactly does it do?
Is it for specifically for metal?
Or can I use it for grunge?
Its an amp...? There is no amp that is specific for a certain style, I'm sure it will handle grunge just fine.

But if you have to ask this question, spending $3000 on a mesa stack might not be in your best interest.
Oh, you mean the amp model.

Yeah, its supposed to be modelled after a Mesa triple rectifier (standard new modern metal br00t4lz tone). Its supposed to be for high gain metal but if you like it for grunge, you could certainly use it.
Im guessing you have a roland cube? Yeah you can get some pretty good tones out of them. The bassist in my band has one for his guitar and he gets a good metal tone out of the r-fier model and a good classic rock tone out of classic stack.
yeah ive realized that.
im having a problem finding my grunge setting. i had it a few weeks ago. then i played one metal song and my amp went to ****.
ah, thats never good. with the cubes and other modelling amps ive used whenever i get a good tone i write down my settings and what its for. Are you playing high gain grunge?
yeah high gain.
nirvana sort of tone. but not exactly (but alot more technical and skilled guitar)
although our lyrics arent nowhere as good.
oh sweet sweet. do you guys have anything recorded? and i think the r-fier setting is the best for you maybe back off the gain a little bit?
no nothing recorded.
but we've got alot of songs written.

r-fier. sweet thanks
sounds cool man. let me know if you do get anything recorded. good luck with the settings