ok, I used searchbar. The only places they were mentioned was in the incredibly long Rage Against The Machine and The Mars Volta chats, so I ask you: Do you like One Day As A Lion? Personally, I think they sound pretty cool. They're a lot like Rage, but the drumming is cooler and more noticable. They use weird guitar effects just like Morello's as well. I have the 5 song EP, and I like it a lot. But do you???
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They're alright. They sound almost exactly like RATM though. And they actually don't have a guitar, that's just Zack imitating Tom on keyboard.

That's why alot of Rage fans should gravitate towards them.
Yeah "Wild International" was on the radio when i was on my way to a guitar lesson
my mum turned if off though after 2 or so minutes.

she had a headache.

I like them.
Quote by rockon1824
They're alright. They sound almost exactly like RATM though. And they actually don't have a guitar, that's just Zack imitating Tom on keyboard.

Thats probably why I like them so much then

I like them, I hope they go on to put an LP or something in the not too distant future.
Apparently they're going to release a full length LP this fall. First they're gonna find a better keyboardist (is that what u call it?) than Zack, cause he's really not the greatest on a keyboard (and he's admitted that himself). So let's hope they find someone really good to do the keyboard, and then they'll be on the road in no time I'm sure.
Wild International is a hella groovy song, I'm digging it a lot. Hope they do some more stuff, but I'm still dying for a new studio album from RATM.
i think they're one of the greatest groups i've ever heard, but my opinion might be a lil biased seeing as i love ratm and politically conscious music.

cant wait for the full album and hopefully tour
I heard the single online. I don't really like, but that's no surprise. I don't like RATM.
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i like the EP well enough. Wild International is probably my favorite song.

i thought the levels were off on some of the songs though. like the keyboard and drums overpowered the vocals in different parts of the songs. maybe its something they should look at before releasing an LP.
I heard Wild International, it was even more bland than rage and the vocals seemed less angry, so I was a little dissapointed. John Theodore is a drumming genius tho
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Just got the ep and it's pretty good, it sounds like Rage( a good thing) but without the kickass basslines(bad) but I still enjoyed it a lot.
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i followed them since i heard what Jon Theodore was up to. it's rap with prog drums and screaming synths. 2 thumbs and 2 toes up.
i like it. but, i would still love to see a RATM us or world tour. or just play in atlanta
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