A few days ago I was at my first gig. (Woo-Hoo!) It went awesome except...My neck huuuuuurt. I only have one strap so I gritted my teeth and went on with it.

What is a strap that DOESN'T agrivate your neck and put a lot of pressure on your shoulders???

all help welcome and appreciated.
The wider the strap, the more are it has to distribute weight. Look for a wider one, maybe of a softer material like leather.
how heavy is your guitar that its hurting your neck?
or is your strap a piece of rope tied to each strap button?

but anywho, I just go with the basic ernie ball's, they're plenty comfortable, and only $15, the only time it gets annoying is when playing w/o a shirt, but thats prolly the same with any strap that isnt leather
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my leather strap was 70 bucks but part of the 7 faded on the tag so i got mine for 10 bucks
I love buying new straps, it's like buying shoes for a girl. My favorite would have to be my planet waves, it's very soft and feels very secure, good price too.

But are you playing a les paul or somthing? your guitar sounds like it weighs a million pounds
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i got a fur strap it has to be the most comfortabe thing ever made, so id advise you to get that... it looks a little absurd but its worth it. it was $25
DiMarizo Clicklock ....ever since I've installed one 2 years ago on an axe I've never used anything else
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I use a 3 inch wide strap by levys, it's just the usual black nylon or polyester that most straps are made out of but it is much wider and fairly cheap too, I think it cost me £10.

to dimarzio. theyre very soft and they wont ever fall off your guitar
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Wow your guitar must be extremely heavy! I got a good leather one for 25 quid and it's lasted me 5 years and it keeps the guitar perfectly still when you're playing so you're not constantly juggling it for balance... So I recommend you invest in a leather one.
usually, a wider strap is the best for a non painful performance but i use Dimarzio Cliplock straps which are thin and screw into your guitar. They aer both comfortable and tough. Give them a try
Dimarzio Cliplock straps or Planet Waves straps are very comfty. but try a wide leather strap to distribute the weight evenly on your shoulders.
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The wider the strap, the more are it has to distribute weight. Look for a wider one, maybe of a softer material like leather.

Exactly! Pressure = Force/Area. Your Force is related to your guitar's weight, and probably isn't going to change. But, the wider your strap, the greater your area, so the less pressure you have.

I have a pretty wide leather SRV replica strap that I got off ebay for relatively cheap. It's fantastic.
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I find Planet Waves to be very comfortable. On the other hand my Dunlop is pretty uncomfertable. Leather ones are nice. I have one for my Casino, and use when at other times because my Uncle has one with his strat. THey'revery nice.
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I use a GuvNor' Leather Strap. It is pretty wide, and nice and comfortable. HOWEVER, when you play with your shirt off and sweat like a bull, it sticks to your back.