Im considering purchasing a guitar from a friend thats probably stolen, what are my liabilites if I do purchase it?
Why would you buy someones stolen guitar man?
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Handling stolen goods is certainly a crime here. The maximum punishment is prison (not sure how long)
well thats why I said probably I don't actually know if it is, Im not setting out to get stolen merch by any mean i was just playing with it at his house and he asked if I wanted to buy it.
you guys are right though im going to make sure it's clean first before I actually purchase it, I hope its not though it's a really nice piece at a really nice price(which is why im suspicious) but who knows he is always traveling and needing money, I'll just look into it a bit further.
imagine if someone stole your guitar right, and then imagine what kind of feelings you would have towards the person that stole it or now has obtained it.. can you picture walking into a bar, or going to a local show and seeing some **** playing your guitar? Hell, there WILL be death