Basically, this thread lists any gear you've ever gotten in the order you got it, and if you still have it or sold it or your opinion on it. This will either be hit or miss. With all that I'm writting, I really hope it isn't a miss. You don't have to mention everything, since I know there are more people who have bought a lot more than I ever have.

Gretsch Black Les Paul Like Starter Guitar 2001: being lent to a friend, decent enough

Crate 15w 2001: ???

DOD Distortion Pedal 90's?: Lent to a friend, kind of crumby, OK for chords, complete rubbish for soloing

Another Crate 15w 2004: For some reason I thought the new looks meant it was better...

Custom Shop Epiphone SG 2005: Sold to a friend, pretty good, stayed in tune, decent pickups, nice finish, full black scratch plate

Marshall MGDFX50 2006 Used: I thought it was good at first but my ears soon realized the truth after a while. Sold for 150 just to get rid of the thing after discovering these boards and how everyone called them an abomination...

Metal Muff With Top Boost 2006: Was alright I guess, couldn't really get a non muddy, non feedbacky tone, eventually was caught in the rain and drowned to death

Zakk Wylde Epiphone Les Paul with EMG 81/85 2006: It's O.K, at first I loved it but I soon realized by tonal options with two thin sounding active pickups and it was way too big for me to play, especially with hand and arm issues. Currently trying to sell it.

Vox AD15 2007: Actually pretty good, good clean channel and effects, distortion was a little on the fake side but alright, sold it to a band mate before I got the chance to swap out the pre amp tube

Carvin Legacy Used 2007: Well, when I first got it I thought it was pretty bad sounding to the point where I took it to a repair shop and spent a lot of money to only be told it was fine. Got a G Major effects processor, put it in the loop to quiet it, and I loved it. Recently broken to a fuse but will soon be fixed. The clean channel is great, and the lead channel can in no way be replicated by anything else due to it's unique sound.

G Major Effects Processor 2007: Was good at first, pretty nice effects, put it in my FX loop. Now I can't hear them at all, it acts weird in the loop and in front of my amp. This actually happened for the first time during our band's first gig. Was pretty bad. Disappointed, looked forward to this from saving me from have a clumsy pedal board setup

Fender FSR Deluxe Players Stratocaster 2008: Pretty nice, returned the first one due to tuning stability issues, second one was better. Tex Mex pickups are okay, awful for distortion though, upgrading tuners, pickups, and getting a new bridge. Neck is very nice, finish is beautiful. This one is a keeper. It also isn't sold anymore. Sienna sunburst with gold plated hardware and a white pearl pickguard...

Ibanez RG 90's: It's okay, bought off this board, pickups are meh, tremolo is nice and tuning stability is good, kind of hard to play because of the high string tension mixed with the low action...

To buy: Ultimate Attenuator, New Lead guitar, new bridge for my Strat...

Well, er, again, if you only want to do recent guitars or gear thats fine, like maybe this year, I don't expect anyone to go overboard like I did...
"Don't panic, everything is falling neatly out of order"
- Douglas Adams
1961 Aria classical guitar (moms)

Squier Stratocaster and Peavey Rage 158 amplifier

Hot rodded my strat

Hot rodded it again

Mark II acoustic that I got for 80$

Bought my PRS Classic 22 with birds and custom finish used for 900$

Bought peavey valveking

Hot rodded my strat again. Completely new electronics. All new except body and neck. Alder and Rosewood

Bought my Alvarez acoustic

Now I'm going to sell my VK and get a crate blackheart.
Winner of the 2011 Virginia Guitar Festival

Protools HD
Lynx Aurora 16/HD192
Mojave, Sennheiser, AKG, EV etc mics
Focusrite ISA828 pres
Waves Mercury
Random Rack Gear

65 Deluxe Reverb
American Standard Strat
Taylor 712
fender starter kit from costco. i thought it was **** from the start. it was just cheap.
fender mim strat. better, but still ..eh.
fender frontman 25R. great amp for the money. i recommend it to any beginner.
Ibanex TS-9. just a great OD pedal.
Jackson RR5. great awesome guitar. love the feel, tone and it's comfortable to play sitting or standing. murders my strat tenfold. totures it first in a dark and cold chamber by cutting it 1000 times with a razor. then 39 whips with a cat o nine tails. then hanging it by the thumg for 24 hours. then slowly slicing the wrists.
mesa boogie dc-3. no time to write...
Jackson RR5 ivory w/ EMG 81/85
Jackson DX6 w/ SD Distortion & Dimarzio Super Distortion
Fender Starcaster Sunburst
Mesa/Boogie DC-3
Johnson JT50 Mirage
Ibanez TS-9
Morley Bad Horsie 2
Boss CE-5

ISP Decimator
Boss DD-6
Korg Pitchblack
1998: Squire Strat and Squire 10 watt amp (ewww)
1999: Old Roland Cube amp, Epiphone SG
2000: Ibanez RG570 (i think)

Big gap here, that Ibanez and Roland lasted me 8 years (don't know how I standed it..)

2008: ENGL Fireball, Mesa Cab, Schecter C1-Hellraiser, Edwards Les Paul Custom

I'm happy now.
Had before: Micro Cube from my birthday a year before, which I used with my Fender 12-string Acoustic/electric

Start (C. Dec.2006/Jan 2007) :
Squier Strat (modded)--> Roland Micro Cube

Bought: Squier Strat (modded for 3 tone controls and removed Neck pick-up for KillSwitch like effect)

Soon after (Mar.2007):
Squier Strat (modded)--> Boss DS-1-->Roland Micro Cube

Boss DS-1 Aquired from friend who bought a Blood Drive OD/Distortion pedal

on my birthday (July 17th, 2007):
Squier Strat (modified) --> Boss DS-1 -->Dunlop CryBaby Wah-->Roland Micro Cube

A week after my birthday or so( July 2007):
Squier Strat (modded) --> Digitech RP80 --> Dunlop CryBaby Wah -->Roland Micro Cube

Gave DS-1 to my best friend

Bought: Digitech RP80

2 months after (C.Sept. 2007)
Ibanez Talman 93' ---> Digitech RP80 --> Dumlop CryBaby wah ---> Roland Micro Cube

Bought: Ibanez Talman 93'

Christmas weekend:
Ibanez Talman 93' ---> Digitech RP80 --> EHX Little Big Muff Pi ---> Cry Baby Wah---> Roland Micro Cube

Bought: EHX Little Big Muff

Little after Christmas ( Jan. 2008)
Ibanez Talman ---> Digitech RP80 ---> EHX Little Big Muff Pi ---> EHX Nano LPB-1 ---> Dunlop Cry Baby Wah ---> Roland Micro Cube

Bought:EHX Nano LPB-1

Soon changed to this (c.Feb/Mar. 2008):
Ibanez Talman ---> EHX Little Big Muff Pi ---> EHX Nano LPB-1 ---> Dunlop Cry Baby Wah ---> Roland Micro Cube

Nothing bought, traded, or sold.

Around last month (Apr. 2008):
Ibanez Talman ---> EHX Little Big Muff Pi ---> EHX Nano LPB-1 ---> Dunlop Cry Baby Wah ---> Digitech Digi Delay ---> Fender Frontman 15g (for live performances) or Roland Micro Cube (for recording)

Sold: Digitech RP80

Bought: X-series Digitech DigiDelay

(May 2008)
EVH Wolgang ( Coming Soon!) and Ibanez Talman 93' ----> Digitech DigiDelay ---> CryBaby Wah ---> Fender Frontman 15g OR Roland Micro Cube

Traded: EHX Little Big Muff and EHX Nano LPB-1 for Wolfgang

New: Jimi Fuzz (JH-2S) and Metal Muff w/ Top Boost
Fender Bass Start Kit from Costco (never liked it but was cheap and had a decent amp)

Got an Ibanez EX 1500 as a gift from my uncle (great guitar, my favorite)

Some stagg amp because I needed more volume

Ibanez SRX 500 (good for anythingy but soft songs)

Boss MT-2 (good for just getting it there)

Boss GT-6b (great processer use it for any effect)

Epiphone SG 5-String Bass (good for soft songs and jazz)

Fender HM Strat (Good for metal and suprisingly has good for jazz if you set your amp right)

Morley Power Wah (good if I don't want to set up my GT)

Epiphone Double Neck (the Jimmy Page one- Its a very fun guitar and the 12 string gets a really nice dissoence)
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"Don't panic, everything is falling neatly out of order"
- Douglas Adams
2006 - Fender Squire starter kit
April 12th 2008 - Jackson DK2S (EG) + Fender Frontman 25R (Amp)
Sometime later, 2008 - Digitech DF-7 Distortion Factory