Suddenly everyone I know is starting guitar and usually a month later they are like "ZOMG I CAN PLAYZ CRZY TRIAN RIFFZ".

I know im probably just and asshole but is it just me or do guitar noobs piss you off?
I feel like there are enough guitarists in the world as it is.
Welcome to the musical world.

For some reason, when people can play a simple, repeated lick over and over, they think they're musical geniuses. You should support them if they're your friends though, because you have to start somewhere.
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Who are you to tell someone what they can play?

Thats like me saying that you cant date black girls because i date black girls and that there are too many interracial couples.

how wrong does that sound?
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Shut up. You were probably excited when you first started playing too.
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No because we were all noobs once.
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Nope, they're proud of their achievements as I'm sure you were when you first started.
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