altruist versus ol' bagga bones.

the feeling when I wake up
with gum in my mouth, constantly
confused with what's
in my mouth. How I act all the time,
it's not any smoother,
a cold climate change
will make things better. A soft
mint chill down the back of my
throat, it stops from gloating
or yelling or something. I can't
be sure anymore.

So time passes with a polite wind that
constantly calms the right side of my face.
Can I be any different from her,
when she's constantly
taking every part of me? I look
in the mirror now, staring back
at what I think is me, a giant
hulk of two people, clawing
to get out,
and a face
and arms
and legs.
after awhile it's too much, and
I'll open up my gut to let who
ever is inside out, who knows
maybe she'll like him better.
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I really liked this.

First of all your openings are always so refreshing, and this piece doesn't fail. Always an original way to present the most trivial scenes and emotions. I look forward to see that every time when you write. Makes this piece just on point and interesting. I think the jumbled up structure just adds. The casual way you move from speaking of a certain moment in time to making a general statement about a person, about a relationship about the life image you present. I don't know, it's just so simple and effortless I can't help but enjoy myself.

I can see you in this too. It's good.
This is not a pipe
i really enjoyed this
the opening and ending were what really got me
'the feeling when i wake up
with gum in my mouth'

an intense and relatable piece
apart from the what I thought was god-awful "smooths the side of my face", which just felt terribly awkward, the rest was cool.

Like the two above, the opening was the best part. I kinda maybe lost a little interest, being honest, towards the end, because it seemed to tail off into ordinary relationship flutter. But ending with a simple statement like you did probably gave this a decent enough emotional strength, a decent enough pay-off, to not really notice the small lull.

So, yeah. Something in my sig if you fancy giving a little back.
Carmel speaks the truth.

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