I looked everywhere for this but can not find anything

Anyways everytime i plug in my guitar lead into my telecaster, the sound will come on and off, depending on which position i hold the guitar. I know its not from the amp or the lead because i have tested them out with other guitars and they work fine. So im guessing its loose wiring inside the input jack.

Would anyone know how to fix up this little prob
any information would be appreciated
if i had to guess id say the input jack is worn loose on the inside of the cylinder the jack goes in or on the springed thing that holds it in by the groove on the cable end. or possibly the pup selector switch is bad. just a hunch but solder joints dont usually go bad intermittently. they either break off or its all good. depending on your guitar you can buy exact replacements for the whole jack assembly and replace it (2 wires) same for the pup switch if that ends up being it but good luck wiring that if you have an ibanez with coil split in some positions
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Would i physically be able to see if the jack was loose?

cause i dont quite get what you mean by taking out the jack

Im guessing you mean taking the outside of the jack and in which it has nothing to do with the inside
am i right?
no, inside the guitar you will see the spot where you'd plug your lead in.

there will be a little hunk of metal, which most likely has been bent (although you probably can't tell).

bend it closer to the center of the contraption, and try plugging your lead in again, it should be harder this time. this is because the tip touches the bent piece, and conducts electricity, and creates sound etc.

oh i get it now

so what tools should i use?
should i use like a toothpick and just stick in there n try n centre the metal parts or do i have to open the body up
and if so, how do you open up a tele