So i like doing metallica covers ( http://youtube.com/metalupyour4ss )

i want to do sandman solo, i have a jackson dx10d and a mt2 and fish n chips eq, only missing the wah

i want to get as close to his wah as possible as i think i've finally gotten close to his distortion...

any ideas which wah pedal i should get? i know u guys keep sayin dunlop crybaby when i searched, but isn't the settings of the wah changed in the solo? like sweeping range etc?

appreciate the suggestions, thanks!
Kirk uses a Crybaby.
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they make crybabys with adjustable sweep, resonant peak, etc. like the dime crybaby wah.
screw his distortion and his wah use your own! he did use a crybaby but if you want something adjustable just stay away from the weeping demon by ibanez theyre as bad as the tone loc pedals
well kirk used crybabys but you could use any wah and if it has sweep controls could dial it in.
Kirk uses a rackmount version of a Crybaby which costs about £500 which is a bit steep. The 535Q Crybaby would probably get the Hammett wah tone, and its about £120. Alternatively, if you can, try out the Ernie Ball Wah, theres very few demos of it but from what i've seen, its pretty good
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Kirk uses a rackmount version of a Crybaby which costs about £200 which is a bit steep.
I doubt it's that cheap, theres one on the Bay for £475 at the moment and on Thomann they're close to 900. And for the amount of tweakability and probably the abillity to get any wah tone you're looking for. I think it's well worth the tag.
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He uses a rackmount wah which is very expensive. They just say that this artist uses this crybaby in their site for marketing strategy. Get a morley.

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