Looking for a bass amp under 350$.. I have no idea about amps really, not even sure if I can play bass on my guitar amp? It's a peavey rage 258, 25 watts.

Fill me in, thanks.
Not sure about any good bass amps, but i do know that you shouldn't play your bass through a guitar amp, it's not good for the speakers or something.
Try a Fender Rumble 100. Its a 100 watt, 2x10" combo. I know a few people that own them and I've played around with them before and they are pretty decent amps. They will ring in at exactly $350. Or you could always go with its little brother, the Rumble 60 - a 60 watt, 1x12" combo for $250. I've never played through one so I can't vouch for its quality but I'm sure it's not much different from the Rumble 100.