ok so i thought i had decided i definatley wanted the blackheart but i'm still saving up so i figured i might as well keep looking. anyways the blues junior is like 470 at mf. so now i'm trying to decide if its worth the extra 120 bucks. i play mostly classic rock. i really like the growl of ac/dc and zep stuff and i wanna be able to play some slash like leads. i'm planning on getting a powerhouse strat as my next guitar and am willing to get pedals to get more overdrive.
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You probably can get what your looking for from the blues junior with a tubescreamer to push it
Yeah. The Blues Jr. would work great, especially with a nice overdrive.
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personally i think the blackheart handsome devil would suit your needs better, the od on a bj (lol) plus an aditional over drive will prob not be enough drive for acdc zep and slash tones

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Neither, get a Crate V33.