Where can I get tube amp schematics? Me and a friend are interested in building one as a project.

Something that will do metal, I don't want to build a 1 watt tube thing.. I want to build a monster.

Something like a dual recto or something very heavy, with a generous amount of wattage.

Maybe even a Diezel !!
there's a book at guitar center called the tube amp book i think. it's got some schematics in it......
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http://www.schematicheaven.com/ Have the schematic for all existing amps, inlcuding Dual Rec, 5150+, Bassman, and plenty others. You can take one and clone it. Just, for our and safety sake, PLEASE know what you are doing.
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Mesas are some of the most complex and hard to build amps there are out there. You can't just buy the schematic, take it home, and go at it. You have to actually know something about what you're doing. Plus I find whenever I get a schematic for an amp, the hard part isn't reading it, it's laying out everything so that it makes sense and will fit into the chasis. If you're really serious about this and want to get into amp building you should try pedal modding first, then move onto smaller amp mods (Valve Junior, Blackheart, yada yada yada), then build a smallish amp, then increase the complexity of the amps you build. Sorry to say this, but there is no way you're going to build a Dual Recto by just looking at the schematic.
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Building a tube amp is no small feat. One like a Mesa is even more daunting, not to mention, sourcing the parts for such an amp is going to be difficult.
^Agree to the fact that it is complicate. Take Blues Junior and Tryanor YCV20. Both are 15w amps with reverb, but the fact that Traynor have that one extra channel makes it a lot more complicated.
Ibanez SA-120 (ed.2006)
BluesJr 1996-B + cathode follower + texas Heat
Crate CPB150
Homemade 4 x 10 cab Bass closeback
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Its going to be rather difficult...

However, I've found that most companies are pretty nice about e-mailing you schematics for amps if you request them - that is if you are wanting to model yours after a specific amp.
I don't think it's a problem. I personally have not alot of experience, I will mostly just be getting parts. My friend has been building/repairing circuit related things for years, and his dad was some kind of technician nut for 25+ years. They have been doing lots of pedals mostly, and he built himself a 5 watt combo thingy. I wouldnt touch it myself, i dont want to be killed from the shocks I could take from a big powered amp. I already spoke with my friend and his father and they said they would have a crack at it. I trust they know their stuff, his dad being very experienced and all.

I don't think I'll do a Dual recto though, just because of the complexity of it :P
Building a tube amp that can do metal isn't going to be a easy task. They're very complex, and very tricky circuits.
It's very easy to end up with a pile of wires that that gives loads of screeching feedback when you're trying to add gain stages like that.
That said, check this out:
If you're working with experienced people, you could probably do a Marshall plexi, but a multichannel high gain amp is extremely difficult.

Its certainly doable, but I suggest a simpler circuit. Prior to building my amp, I had no experience building anything, but I had one of my parent's coworkers who is an electrical engineer help me understand how everything works, and help me work through the schematic. Its definitely a learning experience and ends up being quite frustrating at times. There are several books on tube amps that I suggest you check out before starting something like this.