I don't know much about networking and things like that but I was wondering if I connect my computer to my brothers laptop with an ethernet cable can I transfer programs somehow?

I'm trying to transfer a beta client of a game since its 10gb's long and im dl'ing it right now but its gonna take like 20 hours or something.

any help would be appreciated
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Do you have a router at your house?
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It'd be easier using a USB cable.

u can't use ethernet it would have to be a crossover cable for transferring data.
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I do have a router

i figured the ethernet thing wouldnt work lol.

and I dont have a usb to usb cable or crossover

edit: do USB to USB cables exist?
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yeah, using a networking cable would be great. like something you'd use for xbox's or some kind of cross over cable.

usb would work but wouldn't be as fast. if your worried about speed...

or make a huge .rar file and split it up so that you can burn different parts to cds and do that. but that would also be a waste of time/money...

edit: i was watching tv, so i happened to be pretty late with my response.
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is your router wireless? is your computer wireless? is you bro's computer wireless?
get a faster cross-over ethernet cable, get atleast cat5e or cat6 grade.
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my router is wireless and my computer is directly connected to it since its the desktop and the router is right next to it. On the other hand my brothers computer is completely wireless.

where would we go to share the files? is there a folder or something?

or should we just connect the ethernet cable?

sorry im really slow when it comes to these types of things
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it sounds like you have an extra ethernet cable on-hand. if this is true, connect the ethernet cable from you bro's laptop into the back of router; there should be a group of 4 plugs with your computer plugged into one of them. if this is not true, you can still share files over-the-air, but it'll be a little slower transfer.

if you guys are using the same windows operating system, google "windows xp file sharing" or "windows vista file sharing". if not, xp and vista should play nice together....they SHOULD. google should help.

these things can get complicated if there is software on the computers that disallow file transfers (super-windows-paranoia mode), or if there are settings on the router the disallow file transfers.

a crossover cable would work also, but i've never really had any experience with that method.

a usb cable will....not....work. i'm pretty sure you need MacGyver and/or Chuck Norris at your house in order for that to work.

good luck.
thx guys especially hisjap, we do have a cable to spare so we are gonna try that out

my bro is pretty good with computers but hes being a lazy f*** and told me to figure it out myself and then call him when its all ready lol.

pit ftw!
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