Hey guys, I'm ordering a BC Rich DLXJRVO and it's going to be tuned to drop A. I was originally thinking of having .011's put on it but I'm think that these may be slightly slacking from the drop tuning. Although the guitar is a 25.5 in. scale, should I perhaps try .012's instead? Thanks.
11s should be fine.
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They'll work, but they wont sound quite as good as .12's. I could use .9's or .10's to play in drop c, but the thicker strings give it a crisp sound that I rather enjoy.

Try both out, see what you like. After all, strings aren't really expensive.

EDIT: I dont see why having small hands would affect the string gauge you need to use(unless .13 strings are bigger around than your fingers )
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D'Addario Light or Heavy Baritone Strings will probably work. I use the lights for B Standard and Drop B.
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It's just that since I have smaller hands, my fingers are also smaller in size as well and the larger string gauge is harder for me to grab onto easily on the fretboard, I hope this is making sense.