Poll: Jackson Or Schecter?
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Jackson DKMG Dinky
22 54%
Schecter C-1 Hellraiser
19 46%
Voters: 41.
I'm going to be playing mostly metallica and guns n roses and black sabbath on one of these guitars. a jackson dkmg dinky, or a schecter c-1 hellraiser
And i'm not really sure if i want to have a floyd rose, i mean i would love to have one, but i already have problems with restringing my guitar, im not sure if i want to make it even more complicated with the FR.
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Both are great, get either one you'll be happy. I would say just play both and decide.
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FRs aren't that hard to restring, and the rewards are great. If you wanna use a whammy bar, it's amazing, and if you don't, FRs offer a great feel for palm muting and general playing. Jacksons also have amazing necks, unlike the bulky Schecter necks. Go with the Jackson.
Get...the...Schecter...it is like the most amazing guitar ever!
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jacksons tone is so much better then the shecters 2... and the durability and quality owns...JACKSON FTW!!!
The dkmg is amazing
I decided I want to be more like the people on ug...


That oughta do it.

Time for a supercool guitar demonstration by herman li,

Herman Li- why is this guitar so big?

Stage guy- because its a bass herman

The Jackson may be a bolt on, but i like the neck much more than the Hellraiser. Go Jackson.
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Quote by Moose45
Both are great, get either one you'll be happy. I would say just play both and decide.

This is true. Both will make you happy.
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ha most people voted for the schecter but there are more posts for the jackson

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i've got a point

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No,they're to high end for me.I usually just walk into a random building and scream "FIX MY BANJO NOW!!!!" until they hit me with sticks and call the police.

The necks on the Jackson is a lot thinner compared to the one on the Schecter. I personally like thicker necks better. My friend has an RR3, and my hands tend to cramp up after a while, and this doesn't happen when I play my Hellraiser. This might have something to do with my hand size though.
i've never playing a hellraiser before but i own a jackson dinky and it is quite a quality instrument. the pups are very nice for high gain type stuff and in the middle (decent/ok/mediocre) for pretty much all the other types of tones. mine is a few years old and still going strong, nothing wrong with it. FR is a total pain the ass however, if you use a whammy bar a lot, it is 100% worth it and no it isn't all that much harder to set up. you can easily learn via the FR sticky or youtube vids.
jackson or shecter, i say jackson all the way. the neck is odd on the shecter. really i have no clue how it boiled down to these two, they're much different

consider the wood choices as well. what tone are you hoping to achieve?

this is really funny though. i own a jackson dkmg and my bud bought a shecter hellraiser, lol.
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id personally go for the Hellraiser, my friend has one and it sounds BEAUTIFUL. and i just love the Schecter necks haha
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two different guitars. i realized this yesterday. i hate schecters but just get whatever you want.. so different. i'd say the jackson is better suited for metal lead work, while the schecter is good for chording, even though it's made fo rmetal. whyd they make the neck on a metal guitar good for chording? i dont know.... maybe it's good for people with really big hands...
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