I'm trying to write a romantic sounding song, but I can't come up with any romantic sounding chord progressions. Any tips or examples you could offer me will be greatly appreciated.
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now im no song writter by any sctretch of the imagination although im trying to get into the game now, but if i may say so making a song sound romantic isnt so much in the chord progression but more the beat you use it too if you know what i mean...

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It seems like everything sounds cooler with a capo...

Just keep trying. If you have a vocal melody, make sure the chords match the key. Play until something sounds right.
i can't really tell you how but do what a blues artist would do steal someone's riff

if you do that plan i would suggest a santana type sounding riff
Tips? Honestly, all I can tell you is that there's no easy way to write a song. Its not a mathmatical equation or magical progression designed for romantic songs. You have to figure that out for yourself. Some musicians might feel comfortable with a certain type of chord, but it's all about doing it on your own.

So... um... goodluck with that