Hey, all. I got a Taylor Big Baby yesterday and was really enjoying it. Then, I read on these forums that it is not highly regarded due to its smaller bass presence and some issues with durability. As a result, I considered checking out the Seagull S6 and other acoustics in the price range at Guitar Center today.

And wow! I am so glad I stuck with the Big Baby! Perhaps it was just the sample that I tried, but the Seagull S6 did not impress me at all. I tried several others and none was as enjoyable or sounded as good as the Taylor, at least to me.

I'm grateful for the experience though because I am ever so much more appreciative of the unique sound characteristics of the Big Baby.

As long as you're happy with it. The ones I have played all sound like toys. But to each his own.
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That's great that you found the sound of the big baby the best for you. My friend's big baby taylor sounds nice as well so i guess there are one in a hundred that end up good.

i haven't been here that long, but i believe another reason they are not regarded here is because of the poor value you get out of the guitar money-wise . it's a good entry level guitar though in my opinion.

although, i really do hope you did not buy the big baby taylor because of the name on it. i personally believe that my friends seagull guitar (not sure what model it was) sounded better than my friends big baby taylor. that's just my taste though

enjoy your new guitar!
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Thank you! It may have been a factor (the name), but not too big of one. I really did enjoy the tone a lot better from the Big Baby. I just wish I had more S6 samples to try out. Oh well, when I get better on the acoustic, I can improve my ability to discern what guitar is just right for me.