Im about to get an 18 wat ceriatone tmb to replace my fender hot rod deluxe...but i was wondering id 18 watts will be loud enough to keep up with a drummer...it hate to get the amp then realize when i start jammin that I cannot be heard...does anyone have any exp with this amt of wattage that can help ....
It'll be plenty loud. You won't have tons of headroom, but you'll definitely be loud enough. Keep in mind, this is a "loud" 18 watts, as opposed to something like a Fender Deluxe Reverb which is a "quiet" 22 watts. But you get the idea.
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i think 18 watts is the perfect wattage for amps, plenty loud enough to keep up with a drummer and be completely dimed to get the power tube overdrive, but no where close to making your ears bleed, its just perfect IMO.
More than enough, heck I need to attenuate mine when run at half volume to 5 on my attenuator (10 being max attenuation)!
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