I have a boss metal zone pedal that recently broke, i opened it up to see what the problem was and instantly notice a white wire was disconnected from the input jack, so of course i replaced it. still no noise! my question is how many wires connect to the input jack? and what colors? or does any one have any other ideas why a pedal would just quite working even though it has had no abuse.
First - you sure this thing has good power? Many times when something gets screwed up, people run the battery dead fast messing with it. Just make sure you're using the power supply or a fresh battery. I know it sounds stupid, but it happens.

Did the input jack spin loose or something?

The output jack in my Mega Distortion Pedal (yuck) has only one white wire attached to it. It attached to the positive terminal. I suppose it pulls ground from the chassis. (thats good for inducing noise)

The input jack has a gray wire from the circuit board attached to the ground up close to the chassis.

Theres a shielded white wire that attaches to the positive. This wire has two conductors coming from the circuit board, the white one in the center and then black one becomes the shield around it. At the other end of the wire, the black is not to be connected or it will kill the positive signal. It's only there to reduce noise. The white one solders to the jack at the corner.

Theres also a black wire coming from the battery attaching to the ground on the tail of the jack. A blue wire goes from that same point back to the circuit board.

Hope this helps.
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