hi its been a while since posting here, but i was wondering what was the best acoustic or acoustic/electric for under the 400 dollar range and why.

Thanks in advanced
Mitchell md100sce acoustic electric. the electronics arent good but its got a solid spruce top and the sides and back are ugly mahogany under pretty mahogany instead of crap with a pretty veneer. good machine heads good fretboard great tone only $200
My friend has the Washburn WD18 and it sounds great. I have a Washburn D46S and its great too, however its a little over $400.
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i just bought a used dean for 99 usd. i plays beter than the gibsons on the other side of the room (GC) and it was an acoustic electric. i get it this saturday( they hold them for 2 weeks to make sure their not stolen )
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