I just bought a Dave Mustaine VMNT and the volume just started to fade out. It was kickin ass while i was playin and now theres like no output. What my distortion should sound like is actually really low in volume.

Do you think it might be my pickups?
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...check the volume knob?

yea all knobs are up..the sound started goin out WHILE i was playing
Check the amps battery or fuse?
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Dave Mustaine uses SD active LiveWires. maybe battery. or chekc your jack. a wire might be ripped from constant plugging in and out. then it's a simple solder job. i just did it to my guitar today.
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Pickups are passive..so its not that. It just might be the wiring i really have no clue
if pedals are being used, might be power issues with them.
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1) check your wires from the jack to the pickups.
2) ya pickups might be f****
3) a pickup (or more) may be loosed
4) Check your lead, either the lead has just had it or, an inner wire is stuffed
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It's either dodgy wiring or a dodgy cable - there's absolutely nothing wrong with the pickups themselves.
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Pickups are passive..so its not that. It just might be the wiring i really have no clue

The VMNT has Live Wires, which are active.