I have a Squire Strat and it sounds alright, but i want something with more attack and vibrant sound. So i was thinking about getting and Ibanez GRG170DX, or getting some new pickups for my Squire. What's more worth it? Im thinking the Ibanez, but i haven't played that model before.
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Sounds like you want a guitar with humbuckers. In which case, pretty much any one will do. I say G400.
What kind of music are we talking here

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if the guitar feels alright in your hands (are you sure? its a squire dude) than its doing its job pretty good. the pickups on that thing if stock are poop you can get sets of or individual single coils (or a jigsaw and a humbucker, or a stacked humbucker if you dont like power tools (again come on dude)) with higher output and more emphasized high end that would give you more attack sounds. picking harder works also
Damn, yeah, im just going to get the Ibanez. MichaelOfCanton made a good point. This guitar is crap, what with it being stock and all. That model seems pretty badass too, what with the dual humbuckers, single coil and tremelo bar all for $240.
By attack I assume you mean more brightness or bite?

Humbuckers would give it a darker sound.
Ok then, just be sure to go try that guitar through the same amp you own to make sure you're getting what your after.
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Honestly a $240 Ibanez won't be THAT much of a step up from your Strat.

What amp are you currently using? An amp upgrade might be in order here.