My cousin is starting to go bald and he said when he gets his next few pay checks he's going to a place called 'Advanced Hair Studios'. I think it sounds like a bit of a scam really but i don't know...

I don't really want him spending all his cash on this when he should be focusing on moving out of his parents house (mother ****er is 27)

Anyone know someone who's been to any of these places? Any of that rogain and stuff like that actually work?
Dang, bald at 27 and still with parents, poor sob I feel for em.

I would say find some good testimony's for the product before getting it. A lot of products don't do ****.
Oh god I hope so. Apparently balding is common in my father's side of the family. Hell, my grandfather started losing his hair at 20. Maybe I won't go bald... But just in case, I want to know legitimate hair loss treatment are out there.