What are some good scale patterns or techniques you guys have used to find melodies within scales. I know the basics like Playing in thirds and fourths, but anything that really affected and helped you individually?

Thanks in advance UG!!
A cool way to take a very boring sounding melody and make it cool is with slides and bends, and a whammy bar if you have one.

Also, string skipping is very fun. Sometimes I'll take a 2 string fast pattern that I do, slow it down, and play it in different rhythmic variations on different strings (though in the same key).

Other than that, most melodies I come up with are made up by ear, and aren't invented in any particularly interesting or teachable fashion.
My advice: Ignore the patterns, and ignore your instrument. I always have a very firm idea of what the final product will sound like before I even touch my guitar.
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hmmm.... this is relevant to my interests.

ive been looking into arpegios in chord forms, as in, their construction with root, third fifth (a major chord) and putting it into a major scale using modes to make arpegios. nothing really in depth, but thats been keeping me busy.

im interested to hear what other people do.
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Take one section of the pattern. The section should be from five to eight notes in size but no more than an octave and force yourself to use just those notes in different ways for melodic ideas. The idea here is that by restricting yourself you're not overwhelmed for choice and you remove the temptation for just using big runs up and down the scales.
Some of what you come up with might sound kind of nursery rhyme to start with but hey wasn't the Twinkle Twinkly melody lifted from a work by Mozart? Try changing the rhythm around a bit to create more interest. Besides if you can't come up with a decent melody using just one octave how do you expect to come up with a coherent melody spanning four octaves?
Eventually you will hit on something that sounds good and you then keep going adding more notes or harmonizing some chords or intervals to go with the melody.