Im making the lead guitar with lydian B and Harmonic minor A. i dont like using to much power chords, but im wondering is there any posibilty to make triads with lydian scale and harmonic minor? and which is the formula to make em? (intervals)
lydian: 1 3 5?
harmonic minor: 1 3b 5?

thx in advance.
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Lydian and Harmonic minor progressions are much more complicated then that.

But basic ones with your roots would be:


BM - C#M/B

Harmonic minor

Am - Dm - EM

But I think you should learn some more theory on chord progressions

That was helpful, and where i can learn chords progressions? thanks
The chords for the scale are created by stacking thirds the same way you would for the major scale.

B Lydian = B C# D# E# F# G# A#
Chords are B; C#; D#m; E#dim; F#; G#m; A#m
The main thing with creating a modal chord progression is clearly establishing the right tonic chord (in this case B).

A Harmonic Minor = A B C D E F G# A
Chords are Am Bdim Caug Dm E F G#dim A
I've only ever used harmonic minor when I wanted a V-i progression in a minor key and have never purposefully created a progression "in harmonic minor". So I don't know here. I'm pretty sure those chords are right though.
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Here is a GREAT lesson on theory. Just look at the Table of Contents and find chord progressions. But I recommend reading all of it if you can.

Yes, i have read it time ago, but now i cant find the chord progression in the table of contents neither in "Chord Construction" and that. maybe im wrong?