Hey sorry if this has been posted numberous times before just couldn't really find any help. I just restrung my guitar (Which was a pain with this floyd rose) but I finally got it. Anyways I put on Elixir's Super Lights and my E string .42 buzzes pretty badly. I think right at like the 12th Fret. I only say that becuase below the 12th fret it doesn't buzz. I've raised my bridge a decent amount, not wanting to go to high the other strings are perfect where they are at for me, but if that is teh only way to fix it then I will have to but if anybody has a better solution it would be pretty sweet.

THanks everybody.

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A couple of thoughts:

1) Have you overadjusted the truss rod? You need a slight amount of relief in the neck.

2) Are you playing in some way low drop tuning? That could cause more buzz due to higher amplitude string oscillations. Additionally, playing in low tunings reduces the string tension, which might have relaxed the neck when the truss rod was set with standard E tuning string tension.

3) Do you have a fret that is higher at the buzzing fret, perhaps pulling slightly out of the fretboard?

4) On your FR, there should be a screw that is used to adjust your E intonation. It bolts the fixed pivot point of the saddle to the bridge plate. You could shim underneath that fixed saddle point to raise the action of only the one string.

Good luck!