I haven't owned a tube amp before, but from what I've read, if I want a great tone, then I'm definitely in the market for one.

My budget is around $600 (less is always better), I'm looking for 15 watts or more (I want it to get pretty loud...either bedroom level, or a bit more), and I don't need any on-board effects as I have quite a few pedals. Something with volume, tone, and gain would work out fine for me. I've researched a few already but most are much too high for my budget (i was looking at matchless and orange).

I saw a recommendation for a Traynor YCV50 Blue... it sounded pretty good, but was a bit above my price range although I might can find one used on ebay or craigslist. You think this is a decent amp?

I play an Epiphone G-400 Deluxe with EMG-81 bridge, and 89 neck, but might be changing those out with some SD's in the next few months... I mostly play through my Boss ME-50 and OS-2.

what types of music do you play
and do you gig? play in a band? plan to be?
Also, the type of music I play varies. Some days I'll be playing Underoath, others I'm playing Hillsong United. So versatility in sound is good... something that will do great cleans, but also hard distortion.
sorry, didn't realize you'd posted. I do play in a band, and I'm planning on playing in another one. I'm not sure whether I'll be gigging or not, but for now it'd be safe to say that I won't be for another year or so.
The band I'll be using this amp for will be going towards a Brand New/Muse/Homer Hiccolm and the Rocket Boys (look them up if you like soft rock) mix. This is why I say a versatile sound will be good. I absolutely love good cleans with a bit of reverb and delay, but dynamics by distortion/OD is how I do.
use peavey classic 30 with an od for heavier tones

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

or a palomino with an od for heavier sounds
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If you can find an Orange Tiny Terror for that much that would be good. And 15 watts tube is too loud for bedroom use if you crank it. It is easily usable over drums cranked