i was writing out some modes one day, and i thought i noticed a pattern when moving them around.

if you have, for example, the C Ionian mode, and you wanted to change it to the D Ionian mode, it seems like you simply move up all the notes from the C Ionian up 1 whole step. (8--10--12 would become 10--12--14)

My question is, does this apply to all forms of all the modes (whether its G Ionian to E Ionian, B Locrian to F locrian, etc.), or does it change to something else?

This would be useful to me because if the mode just changes by whatever the number of steps is, that means i wouldn't have to memorize tons of patterns, just a few.
well, i suppose i should have elaborated more

i wrote out the entire C and D ionian, and i noticed this pattern, so i knew that those 2 were related like that. what i would like to know, is will this apply to ALL the modes, or just a select few.

edit: is the last sentence of your edit the answer to my question? guess i didn't absorb it immmediately when i read it the first time through.