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Not as much for competition as it is for curiosity, post your Band tshirt collections. No genre restrictions, and I hope there will be no "wow I cant believe you actually like ____ comments"

Mine goes a lil' something like..

Rush Snakes and arrows
Megadeth angel of deth
Megadeth Arsenal of megadeth
Metallica new metallica band pose
Sounds Of The Underground tour shirt
Family Values 07 tour shirt
Led Zeppelin shirt
Pantera shirt
KISS tour shirt (wasnt there)
Motorhead Bastards shirt
Pink Floyd division bell tour shirt (wasnt there)
Iron Maiden bunch of eddies shirt
Iron Maiden A Matter of Life and Death
Iron Maiden A Stranger in a Strange Land
Iron Maiden Eddie Eating Logo
Shadows Fall tour shirt
Heaven And Hell black sabbath live evil logo tour shirt
Slayer hell awaits
Slayer skull face
Led Zeppelin Stairway shirt
Lamb of God shirt
Testament tour shirt
Judas Priest 4 Horsemen Nostradamus Tour Shirt
Heaven and Hell Mob Rules Metal Masters shirt
Necrophagist Extreme Unction shirt
Mastodon Skull logo shirt
Slipknot faces shirt
Metallica guitars shirt
Carcass Exhumed to Consume tour shirt
Carcass Symphonies of Sickness tour shirt
Suffocation Human Waste shirt
Skeletonwitch Shirt
Testament Reunited we stand shirt
Death Scream Bloody Gore shirt
Malignancy Tour shirt
Malignancy Inhuman Grotesqueries shirt
Toxic Holocaust Wild Dogs shirt
Exodus Let there be Blood shirt
Belphegor Hoodie
Symphony X hoodie
Sin Dealer Hoodie

Not too much, how about youse guys?
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i got a few NIN and tool shirts and a beatles shirt but i plan on getting more when i have money
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Quote by Ultimate_Gio92

Slipknot faces shirt

you should probly throw this one out.
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my list is massive.
Im not going downstairs, taking them all out of my closet thing, writing them all down, folding them back up and putting them back for you TS!
wow I cant believe you actually like ____
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"I like dark jazz like OPETH"
"you should listen to BETWEEN THE BURIED IN ME"
"that is not real jazz"
Not too much, TS? Really?
I can't say I have too many, but they are:
Pantera shirt with Dime in the background
Pantera shirt that kinda looks like "The Great Southern Trendkill" cover
Slayer South of Heaven shirt
Dethklok shirt with the band on front and names on back
Opeth shirt that has the logo and nothing more
Opeth shirt with the band in front with the logo on the background with tour dates on back
Opeth shirt with Green logo on front and artwork on the side that looks like the "Watershed" guy
Vehemence shirt with red logo on front
Death "Symbolic" shirt
Behemoth shirt with some bird-like stuff on it
Megadeth shirt, although its rather old and doesn't fit anymore
Katatonia tour shirt

My next purchase will probably be a Death shirt with the older logo on it.

Edited cause I forgot the last shirt.
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Billy Talent
Cancer Bats
Queens of the Stone Age
Protest the Hero
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Led Zeppelin 1977 World Tour
Led Zeppelin Stairway to Heaven (Hermit)
Led Zeppelin Dazed And Confused (Jack Daniels print)
Led Zeppelin Stairway to Heaven
Led Zeppelin 1972 World Tour
AC/DC Highway to Hell
AC/DC Flick of the Switch
The Beatles Abbey Road
The Beatles Let It Be
The Beatles Revolver
The Beatles group headshots
John Lennon Give Peace a Chance
John Lennon Revolution
Green Day heart mousetrap thingy
The Used halloweenesque Knife thingy
Nirvana red group photo
The Rolling Stones 1980-something U.S. Tour
The Rolling Stones est. 1962
The Rolling Stones at Giants Stadium
The Rolling Stones weirdass shirt
Jim Morrison face
The Doors concert ad
Queen killer queen
Queen we will rock you
Jimi Hendrix face
Black Sabbath classic group photo in front of church
Coheed and Cambria skeleton Geisha girl with military planes above her
Guns N Roses use your illusion tour
Aerosmith logo
The Who uh some tour shirt
The Who bids farewell
Pink Floyd Dark side of the moon tour
Eric Clapton w/ guitar
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well, here i thought i had a lot, but you have all made me feel like ****, haha. also, Hyneken, Slipknot is way cool man. no need for your sardonic comments on tossing their shirts... well, that is unless he wants to give em to me...
dst127 wrote:
Soundwash22 wrote:
Fred Durst is the Tom Green of music

No, some people actually like Tom Green.

dancesisidance wrote:
Shiroshu wrote:
I can't see Jimi approving of this.

Me neither, due to him not being alive and all.
3 Trivium tour shirts
1 Job for a cowboy sweater
1 In Flames shirt
1 Children of Bodom tour shirt
2 Megadeth tour shirts
1 Senses Fail shirt
1 The Used shirt
1 The Used Sweater
1 Metallica "Master of Puppets" shirt
1 Lamb of God shirt

Most of them are worn out and sit in my drawer to remind me of the good times.
McLovin is my hero!

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It's the coming.
Floyd, DSOTM
Rush, 2112
Return to Forever, World Tour 2008

To lazy to list others.
Oh **** I forgot I have a Used sweater thingy too, more of a thermal though
Quote by Agent Paul Smecker
They had no idea what they were in for. Now they're staring at six men with guns drawn. It was a f***ing ambush.
This was a f***ing bomb dropping on Beaver Cleaverville. For a few seconds, this place was Armageddon!
There was a firefight!
2 iron maiden
1 led zeppelin
1 guns n roses
1 acdc
1 beatles
1 black sabbath
1 bob marley
1 slayer
1 alice cooper
1 amon amarth
1 shadows fall
1 lynard skynard
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Haggard13 i are impressed
Pantera print with the logo and band members.
Dark side of the moon with the upside-down prism on the back, like on the album .
Lamb of God logo print.
Lamb of God 'congregation member' shirt.
Jimmy Page print
Led Zeppelin print
R.I.P Dimebag print.
Iron Maiden somewhere in time tour shirt (got it at the show )

I have more than I thought :|
Quote by Ultimate_Gio92
Slipknot faces shirt

Don't go killing someone now!
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Quote by Cryptorchild
they are 15$ BGSM..


They're like $50 where I'm at in Australia. Trust me, I've looked. eBay is the only way to go, and then they're always too big or too small.

System of a down
Muse (original design)
Smashing Pumpkins (Seattle Endfest 2007)

That's it for now...
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Guns N Roses logo
Guns N Roses Appetite for Destruction
KISS text logo
Led Zeppelin USA 1977
Motorhead England
1 Foo Fighters
2 The Who
2 Led Zeppelin
2 Rush
1 The Doors
Used to have:
1 Judas Priest
2 Greenday
1 Ac\Dc

When I have money:

1 The Beatles
1 Metallica
1 Muse
^This post was probably sarcastic


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i cant even cant, i have a disgustingly high amount of concert shirts
i ran out of room in my closet and in all my drawers, so now i have an extra 2 piles of them on the floor
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Chili Peppers - Logo
Chili Peppers - Faces
Immortal - Demons of Metal
Motley Crue - Too Fast For Love
DIO - Holy Diver
emptish - logo
emptifish - tour
sex pistols - sid and nancy handmade
sex pistols - pretty vacant
iron maiden - live after death
iron maiden - AMOLAD
JET - shine on 07 tour shirt
Angels and airwaves - 08 tour shirt
Fightstar - tie
Fightstar - deathcar 08 tour
isle of wight festival green shirt 07
alice cooper - 07 tour shirt
ramones logo hoody
levellers - 08 tour shirt.

thats all i can remember from the top of my head
Foo fighters, the red one.
Metallica, master of Puppets
and i plan to get a slipknot one and BFMV.

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Quote by BGSM

They're like $50 where I'm at in Australia. Trust me, I've looked. eBay is the only way to go, and then they're always too big or too small.

$50 where? Like at a show? Go to the markets bro, 20 bucks

Cost me $50 at the gig I went to in april last year. Best gig I've ever been to and it's going to be hard to top that.
In my senior yearbook, everyone is wearing a suit or a button up shirt. I'm wearing Chimaira Summer Tour 07.
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Arsis (self made in graphics)
Megadeth "Dave Mustaine for President"

That's pretty much it...
Led Zeppelin I
Jeff Buckley, kinda a picture of him with 1966-1997 under it
Finntroll, Det Iskalla Trollblod (fuck yeah)
Opeth, green-ish one from most recent tour
Dream Theater I&W tour
lol u have faggot in ur username

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Iron Maiden SBIT Aussie shirt
Anthrax Persistance of Time shirt
Slayer random shirt

I hope to get more in the future, they are just so expensive in Australia. I might start ebaying them or something.
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A Perfect Circle
Iron Maiden
Sex Pistols
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True that. True that.
Methinks you pwned the thread dude.

p.m. D. Rice to get number/ranking

the addicts

lynard skynard

suicide silence

job for a cowboy

i killed the prom queen

bleeding through

thats all i think..
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