Hey guys.... I just got a hold of a 1990 Jackson Rhoads RR3. Its a part of the original professional series and it has custom artwork on it of a skull and a razorblade running blood. Just wondered what the guitar was worth, it has the locking tuners and a licensed Floyd Rose trem. If this gets alot of responses I'll post up some pics of the guitar. Thanks to all who have any input.
if you put up some pics then u will get some responses...
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wow that is a sick guitar
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Thanks man. I love the feel of it, its so fast and balanced. The Jackson neck really is lightspeed and it screams.
Sorry for the double post, but I forgot to mention that the pickups are DiMarzio. Not sure what model, but they're humbuckers.
Is that artwork homemade? 'cuz the skull looks like ****. Besides that it looks awsome, but since it's a low-end guitar I dont think you'll get much money by selling it. Well you'll probably get more than a ragular RR3 but not much more.

How well does it stay in tune without a locking nut?
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Locking nut is there. Just went through a restring and didn't put it back on before the pic. Lower end guitar?
if its any thing like my 90 kelly, its not a low end guitar at all. its just not the highest end mij you could buy. since i dont have a rr-3 i `ll use my kelly as an example, there were 3 versions of mij import kelly`s in the early 90`lowest on the totem pole was the kelly std. professional, (mine) it retailed for around 750.00 new. hardly a low end guitar imo. today its on par w/ a ke-3 in quality. it came with a lfr but sadly no sharkies. next level up is the kelly XL model, retailing for around 850.00 it had better pups than the std., which came with jackson duncan designed pups. the xl must have had real duncans. then came the pro model thats the model that has all the bell`s and whistles of the usa models but with a bolt on neck. it retailed from around 1000 dollars. any way your rr-3 is mij and at least a good intermediate guitar, by no means low end.
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Nice info. What was the deal with the Jackson X series they made? The only thing I've seen regarding those has been an EX.
not so sure about the x models i probably wrong but i think they are not made in japan and have had serious build quality issues. but im grasping in the dark here so i could be totally wrong
epiphone gothic lp
ibanez arc-300
epiphone traditional pro lp
vox ad100vht head.
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