Acoustic cover of Plush by me and my good friend Kevin

Original song credit: Stone Temple Pilots


As always, crit 4 crit, just leave a link and I'd be happy to listen to anything you'd want me to hear and leave you my constructive criticism .

Link may not be ready as soon as posted at 12:24 AM PST on Wednesday, August 20th. Just come back and view again in like 2 minutes if no worky
Very nice. I totally agree with Local666Union.

You just need to work on the 1:53-2:00 high part. Sound like your really struggling to hit those notes.
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This is so good. Vocals were incredible(with the exception of the 1:53 part)

Definitely work on the high vocal notes, or just sing the same thing an octave lower.
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thank you for the constructive criticism, you're more helpful than you'll ever know!

me and kev will be re-recording this on video if possible asap, trying to get that set up, i have a friend with a nice camera, i'll nail that 1:53-2:00 part correctly.
That was really well done. Nothing much more to say than work on that 1:53-2:00 part. I think singing it in a lower octave would sound just fine, but if you think you can nail it in a high voice go for it man! Great work.

If you get a chance, I'd appreciate you opinion of this one:
Thanks for your critique.

The guitar was great but the vocals rubbed me the wrong way, they seemed weak at some points. It wasn't bad, it's just that it wasn't spot on.

Great cover.

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