well, i saw the religion thread, but i guess this really doesn't fit into it

well, i was in deep ****, then i prayed to god that if he helps me out (of an insane situation) i'll do something...undisclosed

and well, then stuff started flying around and **** and then my problem ended and i really am debating if i should do my side of the deal, like i might get hit by lighting or something
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stuff started 'flying around'.....................what are u on and how much can i buy
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dude, what is it, your teling people you never will know again. because of that you shuld say your problem because it will never haunt you
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It's your call.

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just know that jesus loves you.
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i don't really want to go into it, kinda embarrasing... not fapping

If stuff started 'flying around' and then your 'problem was solved' then I'd say you should keep up your end of the deal, if God can make **** fly around then there is a chance he may smite you if you don't keep up your end of the bargain . . . . . h
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