Ok so I am wanting to buy some new strings but unsure. I like 9 gauge strings so I'm gonna try a bunch of different brands just to feel them out ya know. D'addario, Elixir's, Dean markley's, and Ernie Balls.

Only thing is that Ernie's for their 9 gauge have like a million different types. Which is crazy. So my question is what one is the best or what is the difference between like Super Slinky Pure, Hyrbrid Slinky Orange, Super Slinky RPS 9, Nickel Super Slinky Pink, Super Slinky Stainless STell , Hybrid Slinky RPS 9, it keeps going like this, there is a boat load.

So what is the difference or which one of the Ernie 9 gauges is the best?

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hardest thing to explain....you have to try them and find the ones that have the sound and feel your looking for but also keep in mind some dont last as long as others and that becomes a factor

While trying strings out try to distinctly remember what they sound like on day 1 and day 30 of playing on them, because new strings almost always sound great....its mostly how fast that sound deteriorates....

I did a poll on the UG forum and found the most "popular" strings then while reading the posts i realized everyone used something different and for different reasons....
I use ernie ball regular slinky 9-46 on my les paul.

Not too thin, not too thick IMO

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LOL It's not hard to explain, it's easy they ARE different gauges, super slinkies have skinnier tops (42 and 32 if I remember correctly) rather then the normal 46 and 36, just read that actual full gauge on the package, just because they are 9's doesn't mean they are all the same gauge.
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