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149 75%
Naw, I really don't care what pick I use
51 26%
Voters: 200.
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As the topic states, do you have a single favorite pick? One specific pick you always use and cherish?
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Silver Herco flex 75 plectrums for guitar and the big green triangular tortex dunlop ones for bass.
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I care what guage pick I use, but not about any one in particular. A pick's a pick.
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is a bidet a type of crisp?
I had a favorite pick once, then my sister decided she wanted to learn guitar [on my good $600 acoustic with no experience ].
She ended up chewing the pick to pieces then snapping it...
no more favorite picks
...just picks that I hate
call me Shelby

Do mean a favourite type of pick? If so I use Dunlop Nylon .88 mm for rhythm parts, and Dunlop Tortex 1mm for lead parts. If you mean a specific favourite pick then no, I just use any that are around.
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There's nothing special about it, just a Snarling Dog Brain pick, .88mm but for some reason, there's one in particular that I prefer to use. It was the third one out of the pack and feels the same as the rest but I like it more
I still use the first pick i brought form about a year ago so that would probably mean its my favourite
The only pick I have left, a purple tortex, has been my only pick for several months now. It's been worn down just the way I like it.
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I still use the first pick i brought form about a year ago so that would probably mean its my favourite
Its probably pretty worn by now, get a new one
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I have two. The Dunlop Tortex red & orange picks, that's .50mm and .60mm.
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Dava control pick. It's got the tip of a jazz III and a base of a normal pick, with a little bendy part in the middle. Gives a good mix of the two, plays better than jazz III's imo, makes rhythm easier than a jazz III and lead easier than a standard pick.
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Thanks for the advice. I'm going to put it, along with your other advice, into a book, the pages of which I will then use to wipe my ass.
I did have one: It was the first 1mm Dunlo tortex pick that I ever got, and it was used so much that it went translucent Now I just use whatever 1mm tortex that is to hand
I only use Dunlop Jazz III black XL, but I have a bag of 20 that I dip in and out of.
ernie ball. heavy pick. light blue. its the only one i ever use, otherwise ill play horribly
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That could be the single most logical, helpful response ive ever gotten from UG.
Thank you very much.

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wow. i don't give these out much, but...an e-cookie to GruntFuttock for being an EPIC good friend and a genius beside. bravo.
I recently switched over from Dunlop Torex 1.14mm's to black stiff and red 1.38mm Jazz III's
my one
its orange
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a favorite one pick no. a type of pick yes, purple dunlop gator grip and green dunlop tortex. I can never remember the gauge i know its in the .80s, thank "god" for the colors.
Well my favorite is the Dunlop 0.73mm Tortex pick but I really don't care which pick I use. I hold all my picks in the little pocket of my guitar bag and whichever one stays between my fingers first, I use.

A pick's a pick.
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My fave pics would be for lead, a Dunlop Jazz III, and rhythm a Dunlop Gator 71mm. been using the same two ics for a good half year now.
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Yes,,yes indeed. There is one. And its a plastic thingy that comes with mailboxes when they are brand new. Ok Ill explain: In norway (and probably a few more places) the postal services have a special key to mailbox racks... you know the kind with lets say 5 boxes in every vertical row and a bunch across. The mailman can open each row with his little superduper key.... THAT lock that comes from the mailbox manufacturer has a little plastic thingy that prevents it from locking befor the rack is monuted on the wall.... I work as a locksmith and mailbox-screwer-upper-guy... so I have a steady flow of new great picks coming in... they are transparent green and very similar to fingernails exept they are VERY tough.
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I care what gauge but not what pick.
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I don't know if it's got a specific name, but it's Jim Dunlop and on the back it says USA Nylon. I like .60mm, I've got two of these and even though I've got heaps of picks, I always pick these two out of the bunch
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I still use the first pick i brought form about a year ago so that would probably mean its my favourite

I would be lucky to keep one for that long
my Skull Pick for like Metal/Rock stuff

and my Heavy Red Taylor Pick for acoustic
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One I have had since I started playing, that my mum got me when she went to America (I think it was Nashville) to compete in the world finals of a singing competition.

And that's 10 or so years ago, so it's lasted about 1000X longer than any other pick I've owned.
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I only use the dark blues Tortex picks, but there's a particular one I bought in Belfast that I always use when I'm playing something really tricky, it always seems to make me play slightly better. I should probably keep it somewhere safe, rather than just lying on my desk at home...
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True that. True that.
Methinks you pwned the thread dude.

p.m. D. Rice to get number/ranking
im a bassist

im too dam cool to use picks
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Nope. So long as is it a black 1mm Jim Dunlop USA nylon pick, I'm fine. I don't have a favourite specific pick, but I will only use one type of pick
Orange Blue and Green Tortex's

No idea what hickness they are, just that depending on the mood im in one of those 3.
Naw. I always buy packs of the same pick, so I just grab a random Tortex 1.14mm out of my drawer.
if i commited to just loving one pick they would either run away or find someone else

i like the chunkiness of the dunlop combined with the intelligence of the SEARCHBAR

if i ever do use a pick i use some shark fin one i found in my room a while ago. no idea of the gauge or who made it, it has all been rubbed off, its got ridges on the side and i have no idea what they're for
I use a black 1mm Jim Dunlop nylon pick for just about everything now. It sounds so good on the strings, and feels just right for me. I find that tortexpicks and such tend to bounce around between my thumb and finger like crazy.
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ive got a red dunlop tortex 0.6mm that i use every time i play. i call him Old Red. good times...
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dunlop yellow triangular tortex's. moar grip so it doesnt fall.
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I like 0.6mm tortex (the orange ones) after 7 years I've pretty much settled on these, I've heard good things about Jazz IIIs, I might try one to see what it's like.

If you mean like 1 pick that I keep safe and always use then no, I wear picks out pretty fast.
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