can someone direct me to a guide that shows me how to wire pickups customly,
or do
3 volume knobs that are also push pull to control pickup on/ off
and 1 tone knob
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I'm assuming you want this configuration for 3 pickups? (whether SSS/HSS/HSH, it's all the same idea).

Check out the diagrams on the Seymour Duncan site. There isn't the exact diagram you're looking for, but theres enough info that you can peice together what you want.

For the on/off switches, follow this diagram, but forget about the volume pot before the output jack.

To add a volume for each pickup, just look at how the volume is wired in that same diagram. The left lug (keft when looking at the pot from the bottom) is the 'input' (attach the wire coming from the pickup), the middle is the 'output' (attach the wire that goes to the on/off switch for that pickup), and the right lug should be grounded.

Adding the tone pot on the end is a little harder to explain..
to see what I'm talking about, look at this diagram, but ignore everything but the 3-way switch, tone pot, and output jack!.
the wire coming from the 3-way switch in the last diagram I mentioned is like the wire coming from the 'last' on/off switch (the wire that goes to the volume knob in the first diagram). Attach that wire to the left lug of the tone pot, and attach a wire to the same lug (left lug) going to the output jack. Then it's just a matter of soldering the capacitor in place between the middle lug and the back of the pot, and grounding everything properly.

Hopefully that's enough information to get you where you need to be, but if not I can draw you up a diagram, it'll take a bit of time..
thank you so much man.
i was truing to find out how to wire stuff forever
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