I have an MG50 marshall that ive had for over 2 years now and ive always had the problem of the bad quality footswitch breaking.

Would it be possible to drill a hole in the back of the footswich and insert a jack socket then use a jack lead to go from the footswitch to the amp?

this should remove any problems of the wire becoming faulty from being carried around while plugged in. ( for anyone who doesn't know the lead for the footswitch cannot be removed from it and has a jack plug on the other end that plugs into the back of the amp )

another question: i remember there being two wires inside the footswitch last time i opened it, where would i solder these onto the jack socket?

thanks in advance
yeah its pretty straight forward, just get and input jack (or out put?) and put it on the back, solder the two wires to the jack. and you should be done, only thing i can think of is that is that you might want to make sure there is enough space to put a male jack into it, maybe put it slightly off center so it doesnt hit the switch.
i think.
i had an MG30 and i got a footswitch by a company called bespeco, its pretty solid, u could save a little effort by finding a better f/s