i went to guitar camp (woohoo)

and the teacher said certain modes sound certain ways

that wasnt clear so im gonna give an example

he said that phrygian mode is used to make it sound more spanish

like stuff like that

anyway can you give me a link to where it says which mode sounds like what or something along those lines

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

i dont know a link but i know that the Harmonic Minor scale has a Classical Sound to it
Ionian- Ionian mode is just the name for the major scale. It has no alterations made to it. Play this mode over Major chords, Maj7, Maj6.

Dorian- Dorian mode has a flattened third and seventh (b3 and b7) making it ideal for m7 chords. You can also use Dorian mode for m6 chords. Dorian mode is often used in jazz styles.

Phrygian- Phrygian mode has a lowered second, third, sixth, and seventh. Phrygian has a Spanish feel to it so you can Play it over spanish progressions or heavy metal/rock riffs with a b2.

Lydian- Lydian mode's only alteration is a raised fourth (#4) making it very close to the major scale. The #4 makes it a good chord to use for Maj7#11 chords, but can also be used over maj7 chords.

Mixolydian- The only alteration in Mixolydian mode is the lowered seventh (b7). This makes it perfect for dominant 7th chords. This mode can be used in blues, jazz or even country.

Aeolian- Aeolian mode, a.k.a. the minor scale has a b3, b6 and b7. (All minor scales have a b3). Aeolian mode works over minor chords, and can be used as a substitute for Dorian mode, by using it over m7 chords.

Locrian- Locrian mode has a b2, b3, b5, b6 and b7. Locrain mode is very dark sounding. It fits a m7b5 chord perfectly.

I hope that helped. It's taken from: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/lessons/scales/modes_with_mode_dictionary.html
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