Hello everybody im soon going to buy a used gt-8. the problem is it doesnt have a midi cable...what do i use it for and is it a big problem if i dont have it? can someone explain it to me please.
Hehe yea probably but i heard that it was needed to get connected with the pc so you can send patches to your gt 8 from your pc. if i dont have this advantage will it be so bad? And also the gt8 im going to buy is 2 years old so is it a big problem?
You need the midi cable to connect to your PC to transfer patches. I bought a midi cable for £20 and was fairly disappointed with the patches online. Plus it's far more satisfying to make up your own patches, although the ones online do give you good starting place
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Thanks. and btw if its 2 years old would that make a big problem? its really clean without scratches but im afraid of the electronics inside can cause problems in future.
I don't think so, there pretty robust, built to be gigged and if there's no sign of abuse on the casing then I'd assume the electronics will be fine. If you're really concerned go to bossgtcentral and ask the same question, guys are real helpful.
Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everybody I've ever known.

Hi again. I have a roland micro cube. When i buy the gt8 can i plug it to my amp's aux in or phones/rec out to disable micro cube's preamp and have better tone through gt8? you know what i mean. is that possible?
Hmm..You could go headphone out of the GT8 to aux-in. Infact i think thats the better option. But im not sure how it'll sound considering the small speaker. You may not get enough low end.
Have you tried pluigging some other source like an mp3 player to the aux?
Cause that should give a good indication of the sound you could get.