I've no idea what to do, and I really need a job.
Are there any good templates I can d/l?
(I have open office so most formats are good)
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look online for job apps, and then work from them, some places have quite detailed Job Applications online you can fill out which do not necessarily need a CV. If your in the UK, go to the Burton.co.uk Clothing site, they have an online application. Answer the questions and fit them together in to one block of writing, thats pretty much what I did along with my exam results and a few more general qualities besides working in a clothing store.
CV's do not have to be long though, its best to keep them short and impressive. Making them long will only put the reader off before they get to the good bits sort of like a book.
Goodluck with finding a job though!
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A CV isn't THAT hard to do. I managed to write one and i'm a complete retard at stuff like that.

This is what my CV looked like (just with my address and phone number blocked out). I'll leave my school in because it's getting knocked down in 6 months.

Andrew James Dennett

Personal Information
Address: 1 blah street, blah blah, england
Telephone: 0000 000000

Education & Qualifications
Frodsham, a Science and Technology College 2003-2008

GCSEs: English Literature and Language, Maths, Double Award Science, Food Technology, DiDA (ICT), Geography, Philosophy Ethics and Religion (Awaiting Results).

Employment Experience
July 2007 – Self placed work experience in a computer repair shop. Responsible for computer repairing and filing invoices.

Extracurricular Activities
Business Enterprise activities (2006, 2007). Learned how to manage a team of people and time management skills.
Two geography field trips for coursework and field work.

Leisure Interests
I play the guitar (Bass, Rhythm) and percussion in a school group. I have an interest in multimedia, including music, films and computer games.

Ms. A Cooper, Head Teacher,

Use that as a template if you want. Just don't use my stuff, obviously

As well, make sure your grammar and spelling is 100% correct, otherwise nobody will take you seriously. Choose a font that's easy to read and keep the size down.