...and I'm going to meet them in a few days. For some reason it's just a meeting and not a jam session or anything. So how am I supposed to convince them to take me?
Wear a bin bag around your groinal area.
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Tobysaurus is one sexy man.

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I think I love you Tobysaurus!

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God damn, you've given me a boner Toby!
Look really cool, and talk about how you met Steve Vai.
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What kind of band is it? musically?

Just plain rock, however, influenced by J-Rock/pop.
This is kind of what we did for our bassist. We just kinda hung out with him to see if he's compatible with us. We knew he could play, we just wanted to know if he could chill.
open your mouth to full extent whenever you say a word

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You have nice hair!

Be yourself, dont pretend to be anyone who you arent because a band is fairly intimate group after a while and you wont be abole to keep up the facade.

Also go to Bandleading They have much better advice over there than your average pit monkey
If its a J-rock band then you should definately show up at the meeting dressed as a female.
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is the coolest sh*t I've ever seen!

i have to agree.
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Isn't it odd, that Iron Man is a superhero, whereas "iron, woman!" is a command?

Just act cool and natural, be enthusiastic, and talk yourself up! Without sounding too big headed, of course
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